Restore Your Old Furnishings

Hire us to transform your furniture pieces

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture that no longer suits your style? Pamela.Reilly.Design LLC offers furniture transformation to bring new life into your worn out items. If you have furniture with sentimental value, Pamela will take good care of it and give it a new look to go with your new space.

Contact Pamela.Reilly.Design today to learn more about our furniture transformation process.

Change the finish or fabric on your furniture

Change the finish or fabric on your furniture

Pamela can help you repurpose your furniture by restyling it to fit a new space. She has the skills and resources needed to take care of:

  • Painting
  • New hardware additions
  • Reupholstering
You can keep the furniture you love while preventing it from appearing outdated or worn out. You’ll be amazed by the big difference that little changes can make. Call 781-608-6525 today to talk to Pamela about bringing your old furniture back to life.