Make Your New House More Like a Home

Pamela.Reilly.Design can help you design every room

Are you're struggling to decide on the finishes and colors to use in your new home? You don't have to make those difficult choices on your own. Pamela.Reilly.Design LLC will help you with the interior design of your house. Pamela works with general contractors and select vendors to choose your home decor.

She will meet with you to discuss your style and color preferences, then pull together an interior design plan you'll love. Call 781-608-6525 today to hire an interior designer for your home.

Get everything ready for move-in

Get everything ready for move-in

Pamela.Reilly.Design will create a floorplan for your new home and work hand-in-hand with trusted vendors to create spaces you'll be proud to show off. Pamela will refer to her network of suppliers to find everything you'll need, including:

  • Draperies
  • Furniture
  • Accents
You want a home that you'll love living in-one that reflects your style and personality. Contact Pamela.Reilly.Design today for help putting the finishing touches on your new home.